Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Model Grooming Course


This class is a pre-requisite for model success. All classes are customized for different age groups. In this class you will learn to develop basic and advanced techniques, turns, stances, poses, rhythm, timing, grace, poise, and self-confidence. And also you will learn about good grooming and technique, improve posture, how to model in group, develop your own runway style, healthy eating and exercise.  Other basic modeling skills are taught too: how to apply makeup, command the runway, move in front of camera, attitude, prepare and stand out at auditions and so on.
Day 1
Skin Care/Beauty Therapy

  •  Analysis of your skin type and the correct use of skin care products including cleansers, toners, masques and moisturizers. Beauty therapy covers subjects such as personal hygiene, manicure and pedicure.

Day 2
Make – up Application

  • Some of the students in this class may not be of the age to wear make-up but this lecture is a practical approach designed to teach girls the correct application of make-up including highlighting, contouring and colouring to suit the individual.

Day 3
Hair Care

  • Our hair care lecturer will discuss individual styling and upkeep

Day 4
Deportment 1

  • These five (5) lessons involve posture, walking, poses, modeling steps, modeling turns and hand movements

Day 5

  •    Modern day manners for social and professional situations.

Day 6
Deportment 2

Day 7
Voice Production

  •   This lecture covers the art of conversation as well as developing a sound knowledge of good speech patterns and elocution

Day 8
Deportment 3

Day 9
Personality & Confidence

  • How to project your inner self outwardly to others. Learning to believe in one’s own abilities. Television script practice and filming

Day 10
i.                   Photography Shoot
This lecture is given by some of the world leading photographers. Learn how to pose confidently in front of the camera and discover the many exciting aspects of the new you
ii.                 Photographic Session

Day 11
Dress Sense & Co-ordination

  • Planning and accessorizing your wardrobe. Selecting clothing to suit your height, shape & colouring and discussing the latest fashion trends

Day 12
Deportment 4

Day 13
Photographic Session

Day 14
Deportment & Graduation Night

  • This rehearsal is to prepare yourself for your Graduation where you will showcase your modeling skills in a live fashion show. Members of the Fashion and Advertising industries are invited to this glamorous evening which allows for you a valuable introduction to industry leaders.

For sponsorship and collaboration, please write to us via our email, please state the name and details of your company and in what area you would like to collaborate. We will gladly reply you within 48hrs.

for participation and enquiry please call 08035285547

Saturday, 8 February 2014


HURRAY!!! For ALL models and aspiring models interested in PHOTO MODELING. This is your chance. NEW DAY MODEL AGENCY is auditioning for models for PHOTO SHOOT. Body size, height or age is not a barrier. For enquiry and participation call 08035285547, 08075977230, 09038777724 Whatsapp: +2348075977230

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Modeling World

Fashion models make it look so effortless, but strutting your stuff in 4-inch heels is no easy feat. Models walk in different ways, and the style of walking will depend on the clothes being modelled and the general tone of the show. However, these are some general tips on walking like a catwalk model. When learning these techniques, make sure you're wearing comfortable clothes and have a long enough room to stride up and down in.
Step 1: Posture

When walking on the runway, posture is very important. Try to make your body as tall as possible, keeping you back and neck straight. Your head should face straight head of you and should be fairly still, rather than flopping around . Some models also lean back slightly, so that their legs are moving forward before the rest of their body.
Step 2: Legs and feet

Walk with your feet facing straight ahead of you, rather than turned out to the sides. As you take each step place your foot down in front of the other one, rather than parallel to each other. You can even cross your legs over in front of each other, but take care not to trip yourself. Some models also lift their legs up very high while walking. This is done by bending more at the knee, almost like a horse would, and then placing the foot down quite far ahead to take longer strides.
Step 3: Hips

It's a bit of a myth that models sashay their hips from side to side in a very pronounced manner. Although your hips will naturally sway from side to side, it's not usually necessary to force or exaggerate this movement.
Step 4: Arms

What you do with your arms will depend on the type of clothes you're modelling. Although your arms will swing naturally by your side as you walk, as a general rule try to avoid big arm movements or pronounced arm swinging. With some clothes, you might want to put your hands in your pockets to go for laidback and relaxed look.
Step 5: Posing

When reaching the end of the runway, models usually pause for a moment to show off the clothes. Do this by jutting one hip out to the side, with lots of attitude. If you're wearing a jacket, this is also a good time to slip it off and fling it casually over your

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Are you aware of the signals you give off? Whether you are male or female at least 98% of impact as a model is expressed by your image. So it is essential that you get it right.

So it is time to ask yourself...
• Do I give the right impression?
• How is my posture?
• Am I too fat?
• Is my belly not so impressive?
• How well do I use my body language?
• Is my tone of voice appropriate?
• How well do I assert myself to people?
• Do I carry myself well?
• How good do I really feel?

If you answered 'Great' to all the above, then congratulations!
If not... then it is time to consider professional deportment classes.

The classes are not only directed to those intending a career in modeling,   we also have courses designed to help anyone with their presentation, poise and self-confidence.

It is never to late to improve or make changes, whatever age you are.

Maybe you are looking for a career change, promotion at your current employment and feel you don't get as much positive attention as you would like. Perhaps it is time to move on and take a new and positive direction in life. Then it's time to take control of your life and do a class, after the experience you'll never look back….

Life can begin at any age… It's your choice…

About NDMA College
This college provides training for models and intending models aspiring for high-powered fashion scene to commercial and character personality as well as those aiming to achieve within the many beauty pageant competitions.
We know how important it is for people of today to be aware of their deportment and appearance, this is the reason, NDMA College has made available portfolios for all kinds of programs, ranging from live shows, CDs, Training Manuals, books and others. Our keep fit section is designed for each individual benefit.

The Courses are not only directed to those intending a career in modeling, we do have courses designed to help people with their poise and self-confidence.
The management also acts as a consultant for Television, film and the media. It has also experience in training top professionals and career people, helping them to have the confidence to address conferences and make television appearances.
The college has also worked with youth charities and trained young people that have lost their way in the harsh reality of life and school pressures and given them back their feeling of self worth and confidence empowering them to be able to meet the trends and styles within their own   sector of growth with application and more confidence.

The knowledge will last you a lifetime!

New Day Model Agency and New Day Magazine are both supported and sponsored by NEW DAY ENTERTAINMENT AND PRODUCTION SERVICES.
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